E-Commerce Migration Magento

Completely transfer a Magento store from one host to another. We provide complete services for eCommerce migration as you can perform upgrade to get enhanced and rich features of latest Magento versions. This is basically happened to transfer all your products, customers, order history, vendors, categories, promotional, blog posts, pages and social activities.
These are the close step to do successful migration.
1. Products and Categories Migration
Products and categories are essential part of an eCommerce which should move with complete Information about each of product e.g. Name, Description, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, etc.
2. Exiting Data Migration
In addition to products and categories there is also some significant data we need to be carried over to your new Magento website. This could be any other data which is following:
1. Customers
2. Vendors/Merchant
3. Orders
4. Newsletter subscribers
5. Blog posts
6. Pages

3. Back Office Integration
If you use some third party API at your Magento back office CRM or ERP or Ebay system for managing orders, purchasing, and inventory/stock control (connector) then it will migrate with a lot of consideration to how your Magento store will integrate. Magento is extremely scalable for third party integration means it is capable of integrating with most third party systems and API.
4. URL Retention
We truly give serious consideration to website url like landing page, inner pages, category pages URLs that will have been cached by the search engines, and certainly it have built up a wealth of authority over time. It is not required to your business to afford to start from scratch with this, so it is very important that your website existing url of products, categories, and CMS pages are all 301 redirected to their new URLs.
It is important to your current website url and your new Magento website url create their URL permalinks in the same way, It will not only will you preserve your search engine rankings, but it will avoid losing what might be the majority of your organic traffic.

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