Magento with Open ERP

Our Magento certified expert professional will developed a new substantial bridge between OpenERP and Magento will create to Synchronize the store information of Customers, Inventory, Product Categories, Products, Order Statuses, and Orders.
We have implemented bi-directional connector which is 100% compatible with the last OpenERP 9.0 and latest Magento versions (1.x).

There are many advantages of using OpenERP 9.0 with Magento
1. Cost effective: Cost is one of the major factors our competitive online business so making a choice for OpenERP is adequate decision, there is no licensing cost and further the development cost is low as compare to developed OpenERP functionality in magneto.
2. Web based: Being web based ERP software OpenERP it can be access from anywhere via internet although OpenERP works offline. Merging Magento store will advantage to mange store orders, products, categories, customers and other related information.
3. Multiple Magento store management : Magento is very well known for multi store management so it is always so easy to manage common inventory for all these stores becomes rather managing from different back-end login.

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